Savory Roasted Carrot and Apple Autumn Soup

This roasted carrot apple soup is like a big hug – warm, comforting, and nourishing for the body and soul. It’s a nutty and sweet healthy soup recipe, and super easy to make. Most importantly, my kid ate it without complaint! This nourishing soup is a total weeknight winner, and it’s because it’s naturally paleo, whole30, and gluten free, it’s friendly for everyone! Make it for January Whole30 meal prep, as a cozy dinner, or elegant appetizer. #soup

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Pumpkin chutney: recipe for a fruity start to autumn

Pumpkin chutney is a great souvenir and tastes excellent with fried poultry, spicy cheese or freshly baked bread. Have you ever cooked a fruity pumpkin chutney yourself? Not? Then we'll explain step by step how it works with a simple recipe.

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