Berry & Brie Vegan Strudel – Holistic Hormone Help

This somewhat fancy vegan strudel is actually really really easy to make. I used a natural puff pastry that is vegan, from the brand Maison, which I found at my local whole foods. I went with this puff pastry because it has simple ingredients and is free of preservatives. The star of the dessert is the vegan brie cheese. You can use any vegan brie, or another neutral tasting vegan cheese. #vegan

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Gin Tonic Recipe: Wild Berry Gin with Needle Gin | Joyful food

Display. The refreshingly fruity gin and tonic recipe. Wild Berry Gin. A super simple and tasty aperitif. With raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or blueberries. #Gin #Gin and Tonic #Wildberrygin #Needlespring

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