Japanese Style Black Pearl Ceramic Tableware Sushi Dish – Style A big

This Serving Platter made with high-fire ceramic, quality approved stoneware. It makes our ovenproof platter strong and safe, easier for hand-holding, effective for anti-slipping. It is a variety of cultures in Japan, and each culture is different depending on the region and the age. It serves your guests in style, impresses your guests with your delicious creations by using these elegant Serving Platters. This Snack Dessert Plate is not only perfect for serving sushi but can be used to serve many other dishes and foods such as chips and dip. T

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13 Super Bowl Snacks That Will Score Big Points On Game Day – Katie Rosario

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and that means it’s time to grab your TV remote, alcohol and food! I am so excited to just relax and eat with close friends while watching hopefully an epic game! I am always looking for easy appetizer recipes and even ones that are budget friendly! This list is just amazing for easy entertaining. Some can be made in a slow cooker others you can easily bake so no watching or heavy duty clean up! My favorite is the super bowl food stadium! This is a must save!

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