Ever wondered how to get your kids to eat better? Try making it look fun for a s…

Ever wondered how to get your kids to eat better? Try making it look fun for a start! What kid wouldn’t want to try these strawberry owls by Foodbites? There are plenty of ways to lower your sugar, improve your menu, AND have a great time. Find a simple How to list of Healthy Party Foods For Kids over at Partieswithacause… #partyfood

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80 Best Easy New Year’s Eve Food Ideas for a Party or Fun Family Night

Get the best New Year’s Eve Food ideas for parties with friends or families celebrating together! Full of appetizers, dips, and desserts for kids and adults, these easy bite-size foods are perfect for grazing. Combine recipes for creating traditional dinners or use them for quick, cheap entertaining for a crowd. There are make-ahead recipes for your crock pot, too! From healthy keto meals to fun kid-friendly sweets even teens will enjoy, these New Year’s Eve foods are sure to bring good luck.

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Mango Turmeric Lassi Recipe – FIT FOR FUN

A fresh mango and turmeric lassi always works, right? This lassi here has only 148 kcal / person and tastes wonderfully fresh and fruity. The Skyr it contains ensures a good portion of protein – perfect! Treat yourself to our mango lassi now. Here is the recipe for the fit drink! #Mango lassi #Lassi

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Crispy polenta fries with tomato dip recipe – FIT FOR FUN

Warning, risk of addiction! Have you tried polenta before? The time has come! These fries are delicious as a side dish, a delicious snack for a scary horror movie or for a cozy evening with friends and family. Fresh out of the oven – a poem! The matching tomato dip – simply heavenly! #Poleta #Polenta recipes

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