Garlic & Herb Dipping Spice

Garlic & Herb Dipping Spices Our Olive Oil Dips are easy and delicious. All you need is a little water and some of our Extra Virgin or Infused Olive Oil to create the perfect dip for fresh bread. Pour over pasta for a fantastic pasta sauce or drizzle over warm toasted bread with Ricotta to make a tasty bruschetta. It can also be used to season chicken, beef, pork, or lamb. You can’t go wrong with these versatile dip packs. Ingredients: Garlic, Basil, Sea Salt, Pepper, Spices, Shallots. Nutrition

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Buchujeon (Korean Pancakes Made with Garlic Chives)

“For this recipe, I used Korean garlic chives I grew in my backyard, but they are also available at Korean markets. If you can’t find Korean chives, you can use the Chinese variety for this recipe. Look for ones with thin and narrow blades.” | recipe for Buchujeon or Korean Garlic Chive Pancakes

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Easy Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks #healthydinnerrecipesvideos

Easy Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks #healthydinnerrecipesvideos These cheesy garlic breadsticks are so easy to make and they taste SO GOOD! They take less than 20 minutes from start to finish and go really well with your favorite soups and salads. You can even serve them on their own with a little bowl of marinara sauce. This is such an easy, awesome and super delicious side dish recipe that uses Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust.

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Garlic Ginger Chicken Potstickers – Damn Delicious

Garlic Ginger Chicken Potstickers – Homemade potstickers are easier to make than you think! Plus, they are cheaper and tastier than take-out or store-bought. Best of all, you can make these ahead of time and freeze so you can have these anytime, anywhere!

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