Simple black and white pastries | Baking makes you happy

Simple recipe for black and white pastries. The black and white biscuits can be tinkered together according to your mood. The quick basic recipe is also great for baking cookies with children. #black and white cookies #shortcrust #cookie

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Chicken and Potato Pastelillos | Delicious Puerto Rican Savery Pastries

Chicken, potato, and cheese filled empanadas make an easy lunch, after school snack, or heavy appetizer. This easy hand held pie is baked, as a healthy alternative to frying. #pastelillos #emplanadas #chickenandpotatoes

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Apricot wreath – simple recipe for fruity sweet pastries

This delicious Easter wreath consists of a soft yeast dough and a fruity apricot filling. After the simple recipe, you can bake the wreath yourself for Easter. Serve the Easter wreath for Easter brunch (Easter breakfast) or for dessert. There are more delicious Easter recipes #Easter

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