Chicken & Waffles Sliders with Buffalo Maple Syrup (Sponsored) — The Skinny Fork

#Ad Need a quick snack for the kids this summer to #PowerTheirPlay? Or maybe for yourself? Try out these Chicken & Waffles Sliders with Buffalo Maple Syrup! They’re the perfect combination of sweet, heat, and savory. Plus, they can so easily be turned into a hot appetizer or even a small meal!

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Make elderflower syrup yourself in the Thermomix.

The time has come again, the elderflower blooms in full splendor and it smells. I love to make a delicious syrup out of elderflower, preferably for the whole year. It tastes great in a glass of mineral water or in sparkling wine, this drink is a great aperitif at summer parties. # thermomix drinks #homemade

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